Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TRAVEL: Conquering the World in Baguio City

(As I plug my phone to charge, I decided to do this super duper late blog post!)

So how did you guys celebrated Valentines day? I hope you guys were full of love and life that day whether you are single or not :) This was my first time to celebrate v-day as a single woman. Not that I usually celebrate it every year with my ex. Infact I can't think of one year that we saw each other and really spend that day with each other. As I remember, V-day was just any other usual day for us. Nothing special...

Ok enough talking about my ex >.<

Last February 14-15, my co-workers/travel buddies went to Baguio City. It was my first time in a long time to be there. Ok so the cold weather there really got me excited. My favorite clothing are cardigans and sweater which was very appropriate in the area. Plus thinking about buying more sweaters and beanies got my heart pumping :D

Baguio is such a beautiful place. I really felt I was a foreigner in my own country. It's really different from the sunny weather we have in Manila. Another thing is the roads are very steep it makes me loose my breathe because of all the walking we did. Very challenging actually. But I love the people there.They are very friendly and approachable.

Where we went and what we did:

DAY 1:
where we had lunch 

Burnham Park

At Mines View 

The boys cooked dinner at the place we were staying (making me want some bbqs right now!!)

This place bakes the best Oreo Cheesecake!

Day 2:
At Strawberry Farm

Tam-awan Village

The magical museum of Bencab

at PMa

Kenon Road

No wonder why the production of the movie "THE THING CALLED TADHANA" chose this place.... This place makes anyone forget their problems, worries or burden in life...

What I wore:

Cant you tell that I really love sweaters I bought one there and who can resist not buying that panda hat and tasting their strawberry ice cream!! I wouldn't miss any of this in the world!! ^.^

This is my favorite pic at the moment. Its telling me that I can conquer the world no matter what and where I am. I only have to believe in myself that I can do everything with God and thru him nothing is impossible!