Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kikki.k Large Leather Personal Planner in PINK

I am so friggin excited to show you guys my first biggest purchase for this year. It may sound silly for some but for a paper-stationery-planner addict like myself, the feeling is really overwhelming :D

Without further ado... Let me introduce to you my first kikki.k planner! In guess what color guys.... IN PINK!!!


See as a planner/organizer lover, I am not really into A5 or Large sizes. And I felt like I don't need this size in my life. But there are however two A5 size planners I really really want if I could get them and think of a  use for them. I was drooling over the Deep Pink Domino A5 Filofax and this Pink Kikki.k Planner.

The first time I saw this planner on Instagram I just fell in love! And I told myself I have to get one. But of course I was fighting myself because I really don't need it and maybe it will just be another binder on display in my room. But then one day, I have thought of a brilliant idea on what I will use it!

Since I am so inspired over AmyHale at instagram with all her scripture journal. I decided to upgrade my spiritual binder into this! So I could have more space to write my notes in at church during sermon and of course so whenever I do my bible reading and journal.

So let us look further on this beauty...

Ohh that grainy texture of the binder I love the most! Plus that baby pink color make it even more eye-catchy! And look at the gold button with a K engraved on it! 
Another thing that made me fall for this is the lining on the inside. That gray color matches really well on that pink color.
Another plus feature are the pockets. My fave is the secretarial pocket and the zipper area.
Elastized penloop!
 Now let's move on to the inserts...

it has 7 rainbow colored dividers with 3 tabs written as: calendar, meetings and to do. The other 4 were blank so you can customize it however you want.
On the calendar section, 3 sheets of papers were included
Here is the meeting pages
The to do pages
And a ton of these lined paper on each 4 untabbed section.
Laying at the back, it has this super cute note pad.
 So that's basically the features of the entire binder. Now you know how much I craved for this hahaha! Who would not want one right?

Will make a video about how I set this up over at my youtube channel on the next coming days so watch out for that :)

Do you guys use this same planner also? Or if you have an A5 size how do you use it? Hope you guys share yours ^.^


OOTD: Enchanted (Kingdom) by Tagaytay

This is my first travel for 2015. I had an out of town trip with my friends/co-workers in Enchanted Kingdom and Tagaytay City last Saturday, January 17.

It was exhausting but I had a blast! Woke up at 3 am and ended our day at 10 pm.

It was also my first long drive! I drove practically the entire day moving from Fairview (my hometown) - stop over at SLEX SHELL for some coffee - on the way again to Bag of Beans for breakfast - short stop at Sky Ranch - then off we go to People's Park - then finally to our last stop at ENCHANTED KINGDOM. It was really tiring but I didnt care because I loved the adventure we had! It amazes me how good I was at driving that day hahaha!!

It is my dream of wearing a leather jacket. And I finally got around into wearing one thank God for the breeziness and coldness of Tagaytay!!
I saw this hanging on the wall of Bag of beans and it was so perfect that day. I realized that a few of my dreams came true that day. Wearing a leather jacket. Driving to a (zigzaggy road) far place. Visiting EK again and Going to Tagaytay. Now I can totally check these off my bucket list ^.^

I was given this scarf and so I changed my outfit to this when we went to EK!! 
I didn't want to include a picture of my friends here for private reasons but can you tell on my face how happy I was that day? Totally blissful!

Where did you go on your first trip for this year? I hope you had fun like I did. Really kicked off my first month of this year ^.^


New Home

Hi lovely readers and followers of my blog over at rainbyxoxo (if there's any! :) or if you have just stumbled across this blog. Welcome! :)

Let me first introduce myself for those who don't know me. My name is Ruby. I live in the Philippines and I can't remember how many times I've changed my blog lol!

Anyhoo! For those asking why the sudden change? Well, rainbyxoxo is a name I chose because its a combination of my name and my ex-boyfriend and I guess since it's inappropriate to use it anymore, I decided to move again.

Why MsPassiontea?
 I have been using this name since 2009 when I first started out my Youtube channel and so I decided to use only one name on all my social medias from now on.

This blog will be about.... My adventures with my family and friends. My personal walk with God. My passion and creativity in art (?), organization, lifestyle, fashion and make up. Everything put in a cup of tea of my so called life.

And I hope I can inspire you guys through this....

So let's get started!!!