Saturday, January 24, 2015

OOTD: Enchanted (Kingdom) by Tagaytay

This is my first travel for 2015. I had an out of town trip with my friends/co-workers in Enchanted Kingdom and Tagaytay City last Saturday, January 17.

It was exhausting but I had a blast! Woke up at 3 am and ended our day at 10 pm.

It was also my first long drive! I drove practically the entire day moving from Fairview (my hometown) - stop over at SLEX SHELL for some coffee - on the way again to Bag of Beans for breakfast - short stop at Sky Ranch - then off we go to People's Park - then finally to our last stop at ENCHANTED KINGDOM. It was really tiring but I didnt care because I loved the adventure we had! It amazes me how good I was at driving that day hahaha!!

It is my dream of wearing a leather jacket. And I finally got around into wearing one thank God for the breeziness and coldness of Tagaytay!!
I saw this hanging on the wall of Bag of beans and it was so perfect that day. I realized that a few of my dreams came true that day. Wearing a leather jacket. Driving to a (zigzaggy road) far place. Visiting EK again and Going to Tagaytay. Now I can totally check these off my bucket list ^.^

I was given this scarf and so I changed my outfit to this when we went to EK!! 
I didn't want to include a picture of my friends here for private reasons but can you tell on my face how happy I was that day? Totally blissful!

Where did you go on your first trip for this year? I hope you had fun like I did. Really kicked off my first month of this year ^.^


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