Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yellow and stripes


They say stripes can make one person double their size so one should be careful when wearing one. I say the heck to who ever thought about it because I wear stripes anytime and anywhere I want. And since summer has just started here in the Philippines, I am in the mood for wearing bright colors.

My top I bought from Bench. It was a random buy for me because 2 of our doctors were wearing yellow top one day and I was just inspired. I wanted a yellow shirt myself. Although that color I really really dislike before. But then I tried this shirt and I just have to buy it. I think this is now my favorite polo shirt as of the moment. I usually wear pink polo shirts but not this summer. I'd go with the color of our sun today ha!

The skirt I wore was from wellworth. You wont normally see me wear skirts because I am just a jean type of girl but when I wear a skirt I prefer the pencil cut kind. Its just more flattering on me since I have a bigger..... Ahem.... Butt...

The pair of shoes I bought from Lazada. I did not think I would love this pair when I received it because I hated the color. I even thought I wont be able to wear it at all because I thought I will have a hard time matching them with any outfit. But you know what, this is my second time wearing this bad boys and I am loving it! I think its easier to match them with casual clothes than formal ones. 

My bag is from long champ. That is actually my Sunday bag. You'd normally see me carry this at church becuase it fits all my church essentials like my bible, hymnal book, my huge kikki k time planner which I turned to my spiritual binder and other stuff.

Every week, napapadan ako dito everytime na pupunta ako sa church. And everytime ang daming flashback sa akin since I last stepped foot inside this campus. Lahat masaya. I miss my colleagues. I miss my professors. I miss my friends I met here. I even miss the freedom park and the tayuman canteen. At syempre I miss those kilig days when me and my friends bump into those all buff and giant varsity of the basketball team hahaha! Aww ngaun sa labas ko na lang sya nasisilayan. But I am still proud to be a tamaraw! The green and gold in view 😁 #proudtamaraw #feumorayta #feutamaraws #fareasternuniversity